You Can Use This to Your Advantage

Win more deals, and build your business faster and smarter with DMLC.

Our tagline, “the ‘soft’ hard money lender,” is integral to our business. But what does it mean to us? And how does it benefit our clients?

1. We’re Relationship-Based
We think of our clients as partners - we invest in their success and growth. That means you get honest input from a knowledgable team who understands your business and has your best interests at heart. Our application process is a one time thing.

2. We’re Flexible
We are in it with our borrowers from start to finish. When obstacles arise, we think outside of the box to offer creative solutions.

3. We’re Straightforward
We offer a simple rate and fee structure with no hidden fees. We apply that same honest, upfront approach from the application process throughout the 1st loan or 50th.

4. We’re Fast
At every stage of a loan we move quickly. We empower our borrowers to submit strong offers with quick closings and total confidence that we’ll show up to the table.


In Practice

A borrower discovered a unique opportunity on the MLS --a spacious church in a desirable location. The building had been converted to office space in the 90’s and the architectural details were obscured by drop ceilings and paneling, but the potential was intriguing and the price was right.

Our client needed time to assess the optimal redevelopment strategy, but also needed to pull the offer together quickly and make it competitive. Knowing that Direct Mortgage Loan Company would support the acquisition, they were able to customize their offer to meet the sellers’ wishes. They beat out six other offers and closed in less than two weeks.

Molly Gavin