Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Husband and wife team, Jerry and Inna, have been building their real estate business together since 2005. They do flips and new construction and Inna is also an agent. They’ve had tremendous success over the years. “Even during the housing collapse in 2006 through 2010, we fixed and flipped 25 houses, primarily in the Mount Airy section,” says Jerry. “So actually Philly held like a rock. Hence when the recovery began in earnest, this city simply exploded with pent up demand.”

Jerry found Direct in 2011. As their business expanded they needed more funds. “Another builder mentioned DMLC so I reached out to Jared,” says Jerry. Since then Direct has helped the pair finance many rehab and new construction projects in Mt. Airy, Manayunk, Roxborough, Point Breeze, Northeast Philadelphia and soon Brewerytown. “I have never found anyone in the lending business as open and responsive to my needs as DMLC. Jared has valuable insight to what’s going on in this city. His input is so important to what we buy and where we buy it. (Direct’s) Julia is just as reliable and sharp. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the process, seamlessly and without stress.”

On Sundays, when they’re not hosting open houses, Jerry and Inna grab a bagel and lox breakfast and set out to explore the city. “You have to continue to expand your sphere of influence because each and every section of Philly is now moving rapidly into rejuvenation. It’s one of the most amazing aspects of being in this business…. I actually think you could throw a dart at a map of this city and find a house to flip. Demand is awesome, and home prices have steadily risen. It makes getting up each day an exciting potential experience.”

Molly Gavin