*For a quick pre-qualification, in advance of applying, click here (recommended if this your first time contacting us)*

Application Requirements

  • Application (use online form or PDF)

  • Most recent tax returns (2 years)

  • Bank statements showing cash available

  • Photo ID

  • Real Estate Schedule (if you own real estate)
    Download Real Estate Schedule here

Option 1 - apply online:

Apply online through the encrypted form. You can attach supporting documents directly to the form or email them to info@dmlc-lending.com.

Option 2 - apply via email, drop-off etc:

Download, fill and save the PDF application (download here). Email the completed application and supporting documents to info@dmlc-lending.com or drop off/mail to 7112 Germantown Ave Phila PA 19119.

Next Steps:

A complete application is typically processed and returned in less than one business day. If the application is approved, we will contact you to schedule an in-person meeting. This is a one-time process for borrowers with consistent activity with DMLC.